Dare 2 Live Coaching is proud to offer the CARE Model leadership training programs from Relā Leadership.

The CARE Model is a simple, holistic, transformational and personal leadership model inspired by servant leadership. The focus is helping professionals move from frustration to fulfillment in their work and lives by exploring areas where our feelings and mindsets do not align with our desired outcomes. At the core, this program helps participants to embody a servant leader while maintaining achievement.

Whether you're responsible for many people (CARE To Lead) or are an individual contributor or business owner (CARE To Influence), the CARE Model will give you the tools to take your leadership to the next level.

  • Create a framework for challenging and changing negative leadership behaviors
  • Learn to connect to those around you in authentic and meaningful ways
  • Align and inspire a group of people to achieve shared goals
  • Empower those around you to release them to do their jobs, all while maintaining accountability
  • Provide generous feedback to encourage desired behaviors and acknowledge the contributions of others

This program can be delivered in one full day (8hrs) session or over a period of time according to preference. 

Ready to grow as a leader?


CARE To Lead

  • Understand Servant Leadership 
  • Learn How To Lead Self & Others
  • Develop A Plan To Utilize The Model

CARE To Influence

  • Understand Servant Leadership
  • Identify Destructive Thoughts & Unproductive Habits
  • Learn Tools to Better Lead Yourself

Take the next step

Would you or your organization benefit from a leadership model that is proven to work? If so, contact us and let's talk about how the CARE model can help you become a better leader.





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Mark takes you through a journey of self discovery. His gentle prompts towards determining your own path and setting your own goals aligns your life towards actionable items. Highly recommended to anyone who is looking to find a balance of just living life and finding peace with yourself.

Reuben M, Texas

I've been working with Mark since March 2017. No regrets. What I've experienced is a coach who listens to more than your words. He feels with you, dances with you, and if you want, prays with you. I always leave the session with something new, useful, and actionable. This relationship will go on a while.”

John G, Florida

Over the last year, as I’ve made the transition from my 30 year corporate career to starting my own business, I’ve found Mark’s coaching to be quite invaluable. He brings together his great coaching instinct coupled with tons of relevant business / life experience to challenge me to gain new perspectives and go further.

Todd O, Michigan

I’ve known for a few years that some changes needed to happen in my life in order to see the outcomes God wanted for me. When I contacted Mark, I was already in process toward some of these changes but had gotten stuck. Mark did a great job facilitating the necessary internal dialogue needed for drawing out the conclusions and now I am a huge step closer to where I’m going.

John G, Ohio